Chronicles of Mana

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Log Date Characters
The Stranger 2011-11-19 Ambience, Jillian, Lenai, Ezekial, Korryn
Our Differences 2011-11-21 Ambience, Crossroads
Soulless 2011-11-22 Ambience, Korryn
The Fickle Succubus 2011-11-27 Jillian, Gforte
Just Between Us 2011-12-05 Jillian, Gforte
A Meaningful Premonition 2011-12-16 Jillian, Gforte, Ambience, Seikou, Ezekial, Kage
Pit Stop 2012-01-18 Jillian, Gforte, Sunflash
The Next Step 2012-02-25 Jillian, Gforte, Sunflash
The Lonely Child 2012-03-27 Ambience
Dryads' Intuition 2012-04-07 Ambience, Helios, Lowell
Curiosity in the Air 2012-05-05 Ambience, Helios, Aurum, Keeryu, Sylana
Clues Among Us 2012-06-09 Ambience, Twilight, Bahamut, Sylana, Helios, Lunaria, Solaire
Dark Tidings 2012-06-16 Helios, Mogwai, Bahamut, Berrypunch, Phoneman, Twilight Sparkle, Sylana, Erim
A Witch's Kiss 2012-08-06 Ambience, Twilight
Chaste!? 2012-07-29 Gforte, Jillian
Sharing Thoughts 2012-08-09 Gforte, Jillian
Mingling with the Masses 2012-08-18 Aura, Mogwai, Nagol, Finn, Spitfire, Sweetie, OldSpice, Echo, Zerstorung, Helios, Demeter
Travelling Companions 2012-09-06 Gforte, Jillian
Same Ol' Truce 2012-09-09 Aura, Seren, Mogwai, Finn, Jake, Julexa, Nagol, Eevee, Zerstorung
The Junkyard 2012-09-13 Gforte, Jillian
Destiny and, uh, Other Things 2012-09-19 Gforte, Jillian
People and Their Petty Troubles 2012-09-29 Ambience, Twilight, Kimen, Kupenreich, Nagol, Sweetie, Helios, Kent, Julexa, Kahleen, Eevee, Garoth
Preparing for the Road Ahead 2012-10-30 Gforte, Jillian
For What Awaits Us..? 2012-11-08 Gforte, Jillian
Before the Storm 2012-11-25 Gforte, Jillian
Resigned to Fate 2013-01-12 Gforte, Jillian, Aura, Ambience, Lillian
The Little Eevee that Could 2013-01-22 Aura, Eevee, Lillian
'Stubborn' Be Thy Name 2013-02-14 Gforte, Jillian, Erim, Amon, Gades, Daos
Divine Intervention 2013-03-16 Gforte, Jillian
A Visit Home 2013-04-13 Gforte, Jillian, Crossroads
The Road to Nowhere 2013-04-20 Gforte, Jillian
Unexpected Consequences 2013-05-04 Gforte, Jillian
First Strike (Part 1) 2013-05-19 Gforte, Lillian, Crossroads, Lorastine, Steve
First Strike (Part 2) 2013-05-25 Gforte, Lillian, Crossroads, Lorastine, Ambience, Mollianne
Dual Blade Revealed 2013-06-01 Gforte, Ambience
Mission Briefing 2013-06-29 Gforte, Ambience, Aura
Making Amends (1) 2013-07-01 Ambience, Twilight
Eeveery Little Bit Helps 2013-07-03 Ambience, Eevee
Making Amends (2) 2013-07-10 Ambience, Crossroads
Judgment Day 2013-07-20 Ambience, Gforte, Sunflash, Jillian, Mollianne
Epilogue: To Reach Tomorrow 2013-11-03 Gforte Jillian


Log Date Characters Notes
Hiding in Plain Sight 2023-06-03 Jules, Rosetta, Gforte, Brek, Wolves
Saviors & Displacement 2023-06-04 Alyss, Garant, Brek, Wolves, Jules, Gforte
The Chronicles of Mana (Part 1) 2023-06-10 Jillian, Rosetta, Brek, Wolves
The Chronicles of Mana (Part 2) 2023-06-11 Jillian, Gforte, Rosetta, Wolves, Garant
Omens 2024-01-27 Sunflash, Ambience, Lyll, Meyna, Xemn This log is a direct continuation of Hikari no Matsuri: Year 13 - Epilogue 1 and Hikari no Matsuri: Year 13 - Epilogue 2 !
Walking Wounded 2024-02-11 Ambience, Sunflash
Terse Negotiations, Strangling Fate 2024-03-26 Haut, Sylvan, Mero
96 Years Too Early 2024-03-27 Jillian, Erim, Mero
Blue Lights Under Blue Waves 2024-03-28 Haut, Jules, Sylvan
Fallout 2024-04-10 Jillian, Merciviant, Haut
A Day to Remember 2024-04-18 Ambience, Sunflash, Dugar, Mollianne
Severed 2024-04-24 Sunflash, Milfeuille
Lost and Found 2024-05-16 Ambience, Erim, Zetha
[ Sanctuary 2024-05-16 Ambience, Erim, Zetha, Agrias, Ovelia
A Trip Through the Rain 2024-05-16 Haut, Jillian, Merciviant
Cast About 2024-05-16 Haut, Jillian
Through the Woods 2024-05-26 Haut, Jillian, Agrias, Ambience