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Some of the events leading up to the Hope Arc

When Coraveda disappeared during the Koopa Arc, she stumbled across a secret cavern with an ancient riddle. She managed to solve the puzzle of the cave, and apparently found the Claire Bible within it. Just as she grabbed it, however, someone shot her with a burning arrow... How she survived was unknown, but she washed ashore on the Lete river, along with a wolf pup. She had a grevious, gaping wound from the magical arrow, and was in critical condition. As Selan attempted to heal her, a voice spoke from her body - clearly that of the Claire Bible. It spoke cryptically, as always, but its hints helped those present figure out how to heal the wound. When she awoke, Coraveda had no memory of where the cave was, but she knew everything else that had happened; she did, however, choose to keep this information private. She instead started the Gypsy Rose clan in secret to protect the Claire Bible and the strange things it spoke of.

  • The Empire is formed in secret.
  • The Claire Bible is found by Coraveda
    • Revealed previously unknown spells
    • Awakened the power of the dormant Rosiers
  • Gypsy Rose is formed in secret to gather and protect the Rosiers
  • Led by Bahamut the Fake and backed by Deneb, The Empire clashes with the Truce Militia.
  • Versalia and Ageatii have a fierce argument over a card game.
    • Ageatii impregnates priestess Mizo with recently deceased Variance, starting a bitter feud
  • The Empire destroys the village of Brei.
    • The Fey are hunted to near-extinction for their magical properties.
    • Feyan Lake is poisoned, destroying the ecosystem, and spawning a mini-Haunted Wasteland
  • Jango resurfaces, this time looking for vampires instead of reploids
  • Versalia, hatching a greater scheme to work against Ageatii, begins subversion
    • Carsanquay gives Versalia some interesting inventions, unwittingly
    • Ziddar joins Versalia, just for some chaos and funsies
    • Arctic joins Versalia, believing she is fighting against Jango
    • Jango joins Versalia, believing he is fighting against Tenor
    • Sarai joins Versalia, believing Vers is fighting against Jango
    • Tenor joins Ageatii, (now correctly) believing he is fighting against Jango
    • Benamas joins Ageatii, believing he is fighting against Jango
  • The Empire and Truce Militia clash at the mountain pass south of Truce
    • Empire's generals are all killed; Heavy casualties on both sides
    • Bahamut the Fake breaks his contract with Deneb, who turns him into magicite
    • Deneb reveals this was her plan the whole time, and has saved everyone. Hooray