Shadows of the Lost

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The Maverick Vice takes on the Maverick Hunters alone.

Year 325

  • Most of the Mavericks are discovered missing after the Forgotten Year Event.
    • The Maverick Hunters are quick to claim the Maverick disappearance as a victory and declare the Virus contained.
      • The only Mavericks on record to still exist in the Cleft after the Forgotten Year was Vice and Zaber, both of whom were overlooked in the Hunters rush to claim their victory.
      • Believing the threat of the Maverick Virus had been abolished, most of the Hunters break away and return to their private lives. Only the reploids Seikou, Variance, and Signas remain.
  • After Vice encounters Seikou, activating the virus in him became the Maverick's singular focus.
    • Attacks and prods Seikou at every opportunity.
    • When attacking fails to work, he kidnaps Seikou and convinces him that he had killed Variance.
      • Seikou would give up and let the virus take over after he thought Variance was dead.
  • Seikou and Vice attack Truce, going after Variance and the reploid Aura specifically.
    • Aura and Variance help Seikou overcome the virus and contain it once more.
  • Vice massacres Cosmo Canyon and frames Aura as revenge for Seikou defying him, and to push Seikou over the Maverick edge once more.
    • When this doesn't work, Vice attacks Rocket Town and the Maverick Hunters Base directly.
    • A third attack, on Shrike, and the possibility of there being a new Maverick on the scene, is enough to send Seikou into a despair that ultimately led to his deleting his safeguard programs and letting the virus take control.
      • Seikou would attack and nearly kill Variance once they returned to Truce.

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