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The Economy of the Cleft is diverse and varied, owing primarily to the diverse and varied resources in the world and the diverse and varied peoples that use them.

Towns of the Cleft

Not all shops shall be listed here. Some that are intentionally left off the list are "Secret/Hidden" shops or those not in towns.

General Store = variety of items

Artifice Store = items like wands or scrolls

Lvl 1-30 Areas Closer to Truce

Truce - Starting Town:

  • IMPORTS - Newbies, Cloth, Weapons, Medicines
  • EXPORTS - Adventurers, Tourism, Clothing, Labor
  • Recall, Bank, Inn, Healer and Morgue Services

Tent of Warfare - Armor (light) [lvl 10]

Tent of Subsistence - General Store

Moogle Trader - General Store

Tent of Medicines - Recovery Items

Tent of Wonders - Artifice Items

Truce Bar - Restaurant

Hut of Animal Husbandry - Pets


  • IMPORTS - Labor
  • EXPORTS - Grain, Cloth, Medicines

Merchant - Weapons [lvl 5] and Recovery Items

Weaver's Hall - Magic Armor [lvl 15]

Magishop - Recovery and Artifice Items

Golem Workshop - Pets

Jimmy's Bait and Tackle - Fishing Gear

Rocket Town:

  • IMPORTS - Labor, Metal
  • EXPORTS - Machinery, Weapons
  • Inn Service

Weapons Store - Weapons [lvl 10]

Armor Shop - Armor [lvl 15]

Items Shop - General Store

Mindy's Mine Shop - Mining Gear


  • IMPORTS - Iron, Cloth
  • EXPORTS - Grain (Rice), Tourism, Tea, Silk
  • Bank Service

Weapon Shop - Weapons [lvl 15]

Armor Shop - Armor (medium and heavy) [lvl 20]

Item Shop - General Store

Bits and Pieces - General Store

Magishop - Artifice Items

Turtle's Paradise - Restaurant

Altamira Boardwalk - Entertainment

Saturn Valley

  • IMPORTS - Ducks, Ribbon
  • EXPORTS - Peanut Cheese Bars
  • ATM, Healer Services

Inside a Store - General Store

Cosmo Canyon:

  • IMPORTS - Grain, Cloth
  • EXPORTS - Clothing, Weapons, Stone
  • Inn Service

Tiger Lily Arms Shop - Weapons [lvl 20 + one lvl 35]

Tailor's Shop - Armor (medium) [lvl 30]

Lifestream - Recovery Items

Materia Shop - Artifice Items

Starlet Pub - Restaurant

Lvl 1-30 Areas Closer to Viorar

Viorar - Starting Town:

  • IMPORTS - Grain, Cloth, Lumber
  • EXPORTS - Iron, Seafood, Gems, Minerals, Books
  • Recall, Bank, Inn, Healer and Morgue Services

El Hazardous - Weapons [lvl 10]

Armor Emporium - Armor (light) [lvl 5-10)

Reckless Abandon - General Store

Woodfall - Recovery Items

Tatl Tael - Artifice Items

Mummy Seeker - Artifice Items

Lucky 8 - Food

Mischievous Spirit - Restaurant

Limelight - Light Sources

Inuki's - Pets

Cindy's Mine Shop - Mining Gear

Douglas Island

  • IMPORTS - Machinery
  • EXPORTS - Fish

Timmy's Bait and Tackle - Fishing Gear

Monstro Town

  • IMPORTS - Books, Fine Art
  • EXPORTS - Pacifism, Fine Art

Goom-Mart - Weapons [lvl 5], General Store

Fort Walla Walla

  • IMPORTS - Metal, Weapons, Cattle
  • EXPORTS - Security, Tourism

Blacksmith - some Weapons [lvl 10]

Dry Goods - General Store


  • IMPORTS - Produce
  • EXPORTS - Alcohol, Gold, Minerals
  • Bank and Inn Service

Hardware Store - some Weapons [lvl 25], Armor (heavy) [lvl 30]

Drug Store - Recovery Items

Love Delicatessen - Restaurant

Lanky's Saloon - Alcohol


  • IMPORTS - Labor, Machinery
  • EXPORTS - Cloth, Dairy, Medicines, Produce
  • Inn Service

Atelier Saibara - Weapons [lvl 30]

Hearty Lyla - Armor (light) [lvl 25], Recovery Items, General Store

Cafe Callaway - Restaurant

???? - Resistance Earrings

Areas Above Lvl 30


  • IMPORTS - Grain, Iron
  • EXPORTS - Medicines, Machinery
  • Recall and Bank Services

Bushmaster Sporting Goods - Various Level 35 Equipment

Nakajima Robotics - Pets

Lu Bu Feng Xian's Chinese Takeout - Restaurant

Fruit Vendor - Food

Quickstop - Food


  • IMPORTS - ???
  • EXPORTS - Lumber


  • IMPORTS - Books, Clothing
  • EXPORTS - The Future?
  • Inn Service

Watts' Forge - Weapons [lvl 40]

Mr. Mito's Shop - General Store

Happy Mask Shop - Masks

Dry Dry Outpost

  • IMPORTS - Machinery, Produce
  • EXPORTS - Transportation, Tourism

Item Shop - General Store

Pawn Shop - Artifice Items

Fruit Stand - Food and Drink


  • IMPORTS - Clothing, Food, Machinery, Seafood
  • EXPORTS - Gems
  • Recall, ATM Services

Armoury Plaza - Armor (light) (heavy) [lvl 50]

Flower Stand - Flowers

Crystal Stand - Artifice Items

Yoshimi's Jewelry - Resistance Necklaces

The Blue Moon - Restaurant


  • IMPORTS - Books, Produce
  • EXPORTS - Water, Medicines, Fish
  • Recall, Bank, Inn, Healer, Morgue Services


  • IMPORTS - Clothing, Weapons
  • EXPORTS - Lumber, Medicines
  • Recall Service

Mammoth Discounts - General Store

Savoonga Diner - Restaurant


  • IMPORTS - Books, Candles, Halloween decorations
  • EXPORTS - Candy, Gold, Gemstones, Wands, Potions
  • Bank Service

Pin's Armor Emporium - Armor (light) [lvl 60]

Pip's Pawn Shop - General Store

Alanna's Alchemy - Recovery Items

Studious Scribbery - Scrolls

Creepy Confectionary - Food

Killer Kitchen - Food

Resting Rat - Alcohol

The Witch's Wart - Alcohol

Monstrous Menagerie - Pets

Enchanted Evenings - Item Enhancements

Fiendish Forge - Item Crafting

Gigantos Stronghold

  • IMPORTS - Water, Weapons
  • EXPORTS - None

Merchant - Weapons (twohands) [lvl 60]

Classroom - Pets

Gold City

  • IMPORTS - Cloth, Clothing, Silk, Tea, Seafood, Medicines, Machinery, Gems, Minerals, Books, Slaves
  • EXPORTS - Gold, Slaves
  • Bank and Inn Service

Market Stall - Weapons [lvl 60]

Hole-in-the-wall Market - Armor (light) [lvl 70]

Original Moti Market - General Store

Gepetto's Toy Shop - Toys

Poppy and Palahniuk's - Jewelry

The Mad Hatter - Restaurant that also sells Decorative Headgear

Just the Equipment Upgrades

Locations of Full Armor and Weapon Shops
Level Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Weapons
5 Crysta
Monstro Town
10 Truce
Rocket Town
15 Rocket Town Wutai
20 Wutai Wutai Cosmo Canyon
25 Mabe Village
Arlia (some)
30 Cosmo Canyon Arlia Tonoe
35 Shrike Alfador Isle
40 Brei Brei Mandala
50 Caspia Lasacul Caspia Lasacul
60 Brigantes Gigan Hold
Gold City
70 Gold_City
  • No Upgrade Shops will exist beyond 70
  • Medium Armor - normal defensive armor
  • Light Armor - weaker defensive armor but with some stat bonuses
  • Heavy Armor - stronger defensive armor but with some stat penalties

Global Economy

The Cleft, despite its often high level of technology, does not appear to have an extremely high volume of trade. As such, Cleft economies do not usually have a high degree of specialization. While every town has its imports and exports, all towns have some degree of self-sufficiency. Due to the high volume of monsters and invading armies that tend to roam the countryside, relying on distant areas for vital supplies would be suicidal for most areas. The diversification of Cleft economies can be seen in that almost all towns have a general store which sells most essential supplies.

Due to their proximity and the relative safety of the routes between them, there is a high volume of trade between Truce, Wutai, Crysta, and Rocket Town. Shrike, too, is only a port away from Truce.



  • See the main article at Money


The Cleft is full of many rare ores and minerals. All of these are found by miners and their cost reflects their rarity. Sometimes you may be rewarded these items for doing good deeds or as a rare monster drop. The names reflect the location they were initially discovered by the Cleft denizens, but do NOT reflect where you are most likely to find it.

Names of Items subject to change when we have more places to name them after.

Value Name Mining Drops Quests Sea Chests Forge Implemented?
1 Altamira Zinc X X X
50 Bequerel Copper X X X X
100 Cosmo Brimstone X X
500 Tonoe Manganese* X
1000 Smaskifa Bronze* X X
2500 Shrike Iron X X X
5000 Pedan Wood X X X
10000 Gold City Gold X X X
15000 Shasras Steel X X X X
20000 Lorien Silver* X X
30000 Brigantes Gold X X X
40000 Zurvan Platinum X X X
50000 Iktoa Mithril X X X X
60000 Lasacul Alloy X X X X
70000 Magicant Rock X X X
80000 Nosgoth Obsidian X X X
90000 Zanarkand Diamond X
100000 Rune Metal  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?

Starred Names* subject to change

Player Housing

Clan Halls