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Lilly keeps a running database to keep up to date on who has earned what, so if you haven't received anything from an RP you've been in recently, be patient; the credit is there, and will be seen through once the logs and such are uploaded to the Wiki.
Lilly keeps a running database to keep up to date on who has earned what, so if you haven't received anything from an RP you've been in recently, be patient; the credit is there, and will be seen through once the logs and such are uploaded to the Wiki.
==Old Logs==
See http://cod.mudmagic.com/rplogs.htm
Most of these RP logs are from 2007 or earlier. They are sorted by the person who logged them, who is probably the main character.

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Rise of the Ravens

Log Date Characters
The Sound Of Music 2012-03-17 Lilliana, Forte, Aluella
A Killer Performance 2012-03-31 Annabeth, Toby, Rana, Gforte, Sunflash, Jillian
Assessment 2012-04-01 Roll, Forte, Aluella
The Chase 2012-04-07 Gforte, Sunflash, Jacen, Rana
No Luck 2012-06-02 Gforte, Sunflash, Jacen, Avaline, Jillian
Changing Tactics 2012-07-14 Gforte, Sunflash, Jacen, Avaline, Jillian
Onward! 2012-08-19 Analine, Sunflash, Jacen, Torval, Brutte

The Wishes Storyline

In 2011, a little creature called Kyuubey appeared, offering a trade - one wish in exchange for becoming a magical girl or boy (or 'thing') and fighting against eldritch entities known as witches. This section holds logs relating to that plotline.

Log Date Characters
The One Who Fights 2011-10-04 Kyuubey, Tyrranis, Rana
Kyuubey 1 2011-10-27 Kyuubey, Korryn, Cascade
The Apple Inspector 2011-11-19 Crossroads, Tyrannis
New Faces 2012-01-30 Shamaster, Lilliana, Lorastine, Holdana, Tyrranis, Kyuubey, Kyrk
In Our Best Interests 2012-01-31 Shamaster, Lilliana, Kyrk, Lowell, Holdana, Tyrranis
Gathering the Troops 2012-02-01 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Lorastine, Lenai, Lilliana
The Price of Sloth 2012-02-02 Kyrk, Lenai, Dusk, Crossroads, Tyrranis
Web of Misery 2012-02-04 Kyrk, Lenai, Dusk, Crossroads, Tyrranis, Lorastine
The Cuddle Bug 2012-02-06 Lenai, Crossroads, Tyrranis, Lorastine
Clash of Opinions 2012-02-07 Lenai, Kyuubey
Ask and You Shall Receive 2012-02-07 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Kyuubey
Training and Friendship 2012-07-07 Tyrannis, Crossroads
Tyrranis: Reminiscence 2012-08-07 Tyrannis, Crossroads
A New Threat 2012-02-09 Kyuubey, Kyrk, Crossroads, Tyrranis, Lorastine
Idle Banter and Denial 2012-02-10 Ezekial, Crossroads, Kyrk, Kyuubey
No More Secrets 2012-02-11 Lenai, Shamaster, Dusk, Kyuubey, Kyrk, Tyrranis, Crossroads, Lorastine
Taking In the Strays 2012-02-12 Crossroads, Tyrannis
Cleansing the Grief 2012-02-12 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Lorastine
A New Teacher 2012-02-16 Crossroads, Kyrk
Men At Work 2012-02-21 Tyrannis, Kyrk, Lorastine
Tyrranis: Reminiscence II 2012-02-22 Tyrannis, Crossroads
A Learning Experience 2012-02-23 Crossroads, Tyrannis
An Unexpected Homecoming 2012-02-28 Crossroads, Tyrannis
Aim High 2012-03-01 Crossroads, Tyrannis
Working Off The Clock 2012-03-07 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Lorastine
We Stick Together 2012-03-08 Crossroads, Tyrannis
The Little Host 2012-03-17 Crossroads, Tyrannis
A Day Off 2012-04-01 Crossroads, Tyrannis, Lorastine, Kyrk, Mollianne
Picking Up the Twins 2012-04-04 Crossroads, Lorastine, Mollianne, The Coldwater Twins
A Battle of Conviction 2012-04-21 Tyrannis, Kyrk
Food for Thought 2012-05-05 Crossroads, Lorastine, Mollianne, The Coldwater Twins
Optimism Among Pessimism 2012-05-12 Kyuubey, Aurum, Sylana, Rarity, Keeryu, Dachande, Helios, Reila
The Not-Cat and the Unicorn 2012-05-19 Kyuubey, Aurum, Rarity, Gearex, Tocit, Sylana, Mogwai, Teravin
The Hunter Arrives 2012-05-27 Zendra, Ezekial
A Quiet Sort of Drama 2012-06-02 Reila, Adbo, Sylana, Twilight Sparkle, Gale, Kyuubey, Helios
More Than the Clothes We Wear 2012-06-14 a Crossroads, Lorastine, Erica, Mollianne, The Coldwater Twins
A Friendly Nudge 2012-06-14 b Crossroads, Mollianne, Lorastine, Kyrk, Tyrranis
Fate's Accident 2012-06-14 c Crossroads, Tyrranis
Far Thunder 2012-06-30 Kyuubey, Rizar, Berrypunch, Mogwai, Helios, Bahamut, Sean
Conclusion at the Beach 2012-07-07 Kyrk, Tyrranis, Crossroads, Lorastine, Mollianne, Coldwater Twins
Pulling No Punches 2012-07-10 Kyuubey, Rarity, Echo
Making Them Understand 2012-07-14 Kyuubey, Twilight, Rizar, Helios, Mogwai, Berrypunch, Emoman
A Witch's Glee 2012-07-16 Kyuubey, Echo, Rarity
Idle Aftermath 2012-07-21 Kyuubey, Rizar, Finn, Helios, Mogwai, Nagol, Sweetie, Lowell
Two Ponies 2012-07-23 Kyuubey, Sweetie, Rarity
Glad to be Home 2012-08-04 Crossroads, Tyrranis, Lorastine
Two Threats 2012-8-05 Helios, Nagol, Mogwai, Finn, Kyuubey, Spitfire, Rizar, Tyrranis, Sweetie, Dusk
Helping Hands 2012-8-06 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Aemilia
A Lesson in Hopelessness 2012-8-11 Kyuubey, Helios, Bahamut, Mogwai, Finn, Nagol, Gearex, Crossroads, Spitfire
Todays's Moral: Mind Your Own Business 2012-8-12 Crossroads, Lorastine
Money Woes 2012-8-13 Tyrranis, Kyuubey
Darkness Rising 2012-8-15 Dusk, Finn, Rarity
Technology These Days 2012-8-17 Crossroads, Mogwai
Friends in Far-Away Places (1) 2012-8-17 Crossroads, Kyuubey, Twilight
Dwindling Patience 2012-8-19 Spitfire, Kyuubey
Friends in Far-Away Places (2) 2012-8-20 Tyrranis, Crossroads
The Unwanted Saviour 2012-8-25 Crossroads, Kyrk
Strike Two! 2012-8-30 Kyuubey, Kyrk, Rarity
Passing of the Torch 2012-8-31 Rarity, Sweetie, Finn
Everyone and their Friends 2012-9-1 Kyuubey, Kyrk, Avani, Demeter, Finn, Jake, Rizar, Nagol, MrSatan, Twilight, Vinyl, Helios, Mogwai, Zerstorung, Julexa
The Rogue 2012-9-1 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Kyrk
Experiments and Associates 2012-9-4 Dusk, Rarity
Days of Our Lives 2012-9-16 Kyrk, Helios, Mogwai, Finn, Crossroads, Terashi, Drifter, Sean, Bahamut, Nagol, Eevee, Spitfire
Newfound Ambition 2012-9-16 Crossroads, Lorastine
Lingering Peril 2012-9-25 Kyrk, Crossroads, Lorastine, Tyrranis
Fishing Away the Worries 2012-9-27 Crossroads, Tyrranis
The Darkest Hour 2012-10-6 Kyrk, Tyrranis, Lorastine, Crossroads, Mollianne
Two Weeks Following (1) 2012-10-21 Crossroads, Mollianne, Tyrranis
Two Days Following 2012-10-22 Crossroads, Tyrranis
Two Weeks Following (2) 2012-10-23 Crossroads, Mollianne
Its the Thought that Counts 2012-11-4 Mollianne, Kyuubey, Crossroads, Metroid
At Home 2012-11-27 Crossroads, Tyrranis
A Knight's Duty 2012-12-22 Dusk, Twilight
A Truly Generous Sending 2013-1-9 Dusk, Rarity
Looming 2013-1-16 The Coldwater Twins, Kyuubey, Crossroads, Tyrranis
Allies in Desperate Places 2013-1-26 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Johnathan, Miriam
The Threat of Loss 2013-2-17 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Lorastine, Johnathan
Premonitional Insight 2013-3-16 Crossroads, Mollianne, The Coldwater Twins, Ambience
'Mother' 2013-3-23 Mollianne, Ambience, The Coldwater Twins, Agetha
The Start of Another Season 2013-4-27 Mollianne, Agetha
An Unexpected Surprise 2013-5-26 Crossroads, Tyrranis
A New (Carved) Face 2013-6-02 Alcatraz, Kyuubey
Making Friends Already! 2013-6-06 Alcatraz, Echo
First Contact 2013-6-18 Alcatraz, Echo
Bad Judgment 2013-6-27 Mollianne, Crossroads
The Bullied 2013-6-27 Alcatraz, Kyuubey

The Chronicles of Mana Storyline

Seven years following the Mana Tree's destruction, Aura and her family are separated between worlds; the former is kept in the Mana Holyland to help oversee the Great Tree's revival, while Ambience and Seikou are left to themselves in the middle realm. A mysterious woman shows up with questions about the past, and forgotten omens may have found their way to the surface...

Log Date Characters
The Stranger 2011-11-19 Ambience, Jillian, Lenai, Ezekial, Korryn
Our Differences 2011-11-21 Ambience, Crossroads
Soulless 2011-11-22 Ambience, Korryn
The Fickle Succubus 2011-11-27 Jillian, Gforte
Just Between Us 2011-12-05 Jillian, Gforte
A Meaningful Premonition 2011-12-16 Jillian, Gforte, Ambience, Seikou, Ezekial, Kage
Pit Stop 2012-01-18 Jillian, Gforte, Sunflash
The Next Step 2012-02-25 Jillian, Gforte, Sunflash
The Lonely Child 2012-03-27 Ambience
Dryads' Intuition 2012-04-07 Ambience, Helios, Lowell
Curiosity in the Air 2012-05-05 Ambience, Helios, Aurum, Keeryu, Sylana
Clues Among Us 2012-06-09 Ambience, Twilight, Bahamut, Sylana, Helios, Lunaria, Solaire
Dark Tidings 2012-06-16 Helios, Mogwai, Bahamut, Berrypunch, Phoneman, Twilight Sparkle, Sylana, Erim
A Witch's Kiss 2012-08-06 Ambience, Twilight
Chaste!? 2012-07-29 Gforte, Jillian
Sharing Thoughts 2012-08-09 Gforte, Jillian
Mingling with the Masses 2012-08-18 Aura, Mogwai, Nagol, Finn, Spitfire, Sweetie, OldSpice, Echo, Zerstorung, Helios, Demeter
Travelling Companions 2012-09-06 Gforte, Jillian
Same Ol' Truce 2012-09-09 Aura, Seren, Mogwai, Finn, Jake, Julexa, Nagol, Eevee, Zerstorung
The Junkyard 2012-09-13 Gforte, Jillian
Destiny and, uh, Other Things 2012-09-19 Gforte, Jillian
People and Their Petty Troubles 2012-09-29 Ambience, Twilight, Kimen, Kupenreich, Nagol, Sweetie, Helios, Kent, Julexa, Kahleen, Eevee, Garoth
Preparing for the Road Ahead 2012-10-30 Gforte, Jillian
For What Awaits Us..? 2012-11-08 Gforte, Jillian
Before the Storm 2012-11-25 Gforte, Jillian
Resigned to Fate 2013-01-12 Gforte, Jillian, Aura, Ambience, Lillian
The Little Eevee that Could 2013-01-22 Aura, Eevee, Lillian
'Stubborn' Be Thy Name 2013-02-14 Gforte, Jillian, Erim, Amon, Gades, Daos
Divine Intervention 2013-03-16 Gforte, Jillian
A Visit Home 2013-04-13 Gforte, Jillian, Crossroads
The Road to Nowhere 2013-04-20 Gforte, Jillian
Unexpected Consequences 2013-05-04 Gforte, Jillian
First Strike (Part 1) 2013-05-19 Gforte, Lillian, Crossroads, Lorastine, Steve
First Strike (Part 2) 2013-05-25 Gforte, Lillian, Crossroads, Lorastine, Ambience, Mollianne
Dual Blade Revealed 2013-06-01 Gforte, Ambience
Mission Briefing 2013-06-29 Gforte, Ambience, Aura
Making Amends (1) 2013-07-01 Ambience, Twilight
Eeveery Little Bit Helps 2013-07-03 Ambience, Eevee
Making Amends (2) 2013-07-10 Ambience, Crossroads
Judgment Day 2013-07-20 Ambience, Gforte, Sunflash, Jillian, Mollianne

Mana/Wishes Storyline Crossing

Because sometimes fate has a way of involving us all...

Log Date Characters
Fear and Revelations 2011-12-03 Ambience, Seikou, Crossroads, Koa, Kyuubey, Reize, Ezekial, Mogwai
Trusting Souls 2011-12-08 Ambience, Crossroads, Korryn
A Dark Promise 2012-01-14 Tyrranis, Shamaster, Crazed, Lilliana, Crossroads
A Dark Promise Reinforced 2012-01-22 Tyrranis, Crossroads, Crazed
No Love Lost 2012-02-18 Kyuubey, Tyrranis, Crossroads, Lorastine, Ambience, Kanato, Knochen, Erica
Rubbing In The Despair 2012-02-27 Ambience, Crossroads, Lorastine, Tyrranis, Kyrk
The Failed Compromise 2012-03-03 Crossroads, Lorastine, Tyrranis, Ambience
The Unexpected 2012-03-13 Crossroads, Lorastine, Tyrranis, Ambience, Mollianne
Yoma and Wishborn and Centaurs, Oh My! 2012-05-26 Kyuubey, Rarity, Aurum, Sylana, Mogwai, Teravin, Adbo, Ambience, Bahamut, Helios
Eight Hooves and Two Legs 2012-06-01 Ambience, Rarity, Alyss
Faith in the Soulless 2012-06-02 Ambience, Rarity
The Cabin in the Woods 2012-06-06 Ambience, Rarity
As Time Passes... 2012-06-16 Ambience, Rarity
A Boy and His Pony 2012-06-29 Ambience, Rarity
A Witch's Glee 2012-06-29 Rarity, Helios, Mogwai, Rizar, Emoman, Basic, Busted, Bahamut, Ezekial, Berrypunch
The Oracle's Visit 2012-06-29 Aura, Rarity
A Brush with the Future 2013-03-23 Gforte, Jillian, Lorastine, Crossroads
A Brush with the Future (2) 2013-04-07 Gforte, Jillian, Crossroads
Messenger From Above 2013-05-04 Ambience, Crossroads, Mollianne, Lorastine

Tales of Imbibobot

He found God in a bar and became an Alcoholic. Follow the journey of this filthy, rusted robot and his band of acolytes!

Log Date Characters
Imbibobot 1 2010-11-13 Imbibobot, Skyjack, Fishspill
Imbibobot 2 2010-11-21 Imbibobot, Cedeno, Prometheus, Jane
Imbibobot 3 2010-11-27 Imbibobot, Armandine, Ulyaoth, Aemmeu, Heyan
Imbibobot 4 2010-12-04 Imbibobot, Armandine, Mr. Saturn
Imbibobot 5 2010-12-11 Imbibobot, Snoozewolf, Kolem, Dusk, Mpoppybros, Monkooky
Imbibobot 6 2010-12-18 Imbibobot, Cedeno, Dusk, Kolem, Thoban, Prometheus
Imbibobot 7 2011-01-08 Imbibobot, Armandine, Kolem, Cedeno, Oron, Prometheus, Jane, Toroko
Imbibobot 8 2011-01-15 Imbibobot, Kolem, Dusk, Armandine, Cedeno
Imbibobot 9 2011-01-29 Imbibobot, Jane, Dusk, Kolem, Menmenth, Armandine, Dr. Albert Wily
Imbibobot 10 2011-02-05 Imbibobot, Kolem, Armandine, Demeter, Cedeno, Dusk
Imbibobot 11 2011-02-19 Imbibobot, Kolem, Lenai, Artas, Naiad, Dusk
Imbibobot 12 2011-02-26 Imbibobot, Demeter, Lenai, Kolem, Forte
Imbibobot 13 2011-03-05 Imbibobot, Kolem, Lenai, Demeter, Dusk, Dr. Albert Wily
Imbibobot 14 2011-03-12 Imbibobot, Retroludus, Lenai, Gatts, Dusk, Kolem, Chef Kawasaki
Imbibobot 15 2011-03-19 Imbibobot, Demeter, Dusk, Kage, Retroludus, Kolem, Keeryu, Lenai
Imbibobot 16 2011-03-26 Imbibobot, Gatts, Retroludus, Lenai, Kolem, Keeryu, Oboyo, Dusk
Imbibobot 17 2011-04-23 Imbibobot, Gatts, Kolem, Dusk, Oboyo
Imbibobot 18 2011-04-30 Imbibobot, Kolem, Dusk, Keeryu, Mr. Moti
Imbibobot 19 2011-05-07 Dusk, Kolem, Menmenth, Keeryu, Mr. Moti
Imbibobot 20 2011-05-14 Dusk, Decidrion, Mr. Moti
Imbibobot 21 2011-05-21 Lenai, Torval, Dusk, Neera, Kolem
Imbibobot 22 2011-05-28 Imbibobot, Forte, Rathorn, Dusk, Korryn, Kolem, Lenai
Imbibobot 23 2011-06-11 Imbibobot, Kolem, Kage, Rathorn, Lenai, Korryn, Torval, Yuji
Imbibobot 24 2011-06-18 Imbibobot, Zeth, Emoman, Gatts, Torval, Lenai, Sunflash, Dusk, Kolem, Casey
Imbibobot 25 2011-06-25 Torval, Prometheus, Gatts, Zeth, Dusk
Imbibobot 26 2011-07-02 Kolem, Dusk, Torval, Emoman, Prometheus, Zeth, Dr. Albert Wily

Stand-alone stories

Logs that aren't necessarily part of any story arc.

Log Date Characters
Premeditation 2012-07-10 Dusk/Florence, Gaeus the Earth, Oxcarts
The Hunt Continues 2012-07-15 Zendra, Prometheus, Aemilia
Equine Omens (1) 2012-07-19 Twilight, Finn
Equine Omens (2) 2012-07-28 Twilight, Nagol, Mogwai
Adventure Time! 2012-08-14 Finn, Jake
Totally Worth It 2012-09-03 Myuubey, Helios, Finn, Jake, Twilight, Lorastine, Mogwai
Equine Omens (4) 2012-09-04 Twilight, Kagura
Hats 'n' Things 2012-09-07 Seren, Aemilia
Argh Evil Kirbies/The Gifted Boy 2012-09-22 Ambience, Zerstorung, Nagol, Mogwai, Drifter, Helios, Vinyl, Finn, Eevee, Giglamesh, Kupenreich
Adventure Time! (2) 2012-09-24 Finn, Jake
A Magic Show 2012-09-28 Toby, Garoth, Rana, Erica, Kupenreich
Well Then, Welcome to the Cleft! 2012-10-02 Kimen, Kent
The Illusionist 2012-10-05 Wayne, Helios, Kimen, Ivane, Finn, Jake, Drifter, Twilight, Metroid, Kahleen
Parties, Ponies and Poundings 2012-10-06 Dr. Clemente, Garoth, Vava, Garoth, Lowell, Lorastine, Demonicor, Kahleen, Eevee, Nagol, Spitfire, Kent, Mogwai, Kupenreich
Newcomers from Every Angle 2012-10-13 Mogwai, Reiko, Altari, Brandt, Kimen, Aralynn, Kent, Drifter, Scott, Gir, Helios, Zim, Demonicor
The Downtrodden Knight 2012-10-14 Kimen, Kent
The Doctor Returns (If Only for a Moment) 2012-10-21 Dr. Clemente, Reiko, Dachande, Aemilia, Rana, Crossroads, Kent, Mollianne, Ivane, Nagol, Garoth, Eevee
The Masquerade! 2012-10-27 Dr. Clemente, Lorastine, Mollianne, Crossroads, Tyrranis, Kent, Kahleen, Kyuubey, Nagol, Ivane, Demonicor, Garoth, Lucy, Helios, Mogwai, Mula, Eevee
Kids These Days 2012-10-29 Kimen, Kent
'Master' & Apprentice 2012-11-06 Kimen, Kent
Within the Moogle Caves 2012-11-07 Garoth, Kahleen
The Meeting 2012-11-17 Garoth, Kahleen, Zeidian, Kent
An Exchange of Words 2012-11-09 Helios, Demonicor
Making One's Destiny 2012-11-09 Eevee, Jameson
"Look! I'm Doing Scien-*urk*..!" 2012-11-10 Knochen, Sweetie, Iccarus, Kyuubey, Kent, Ivane, Nagol, Kahleen, Garoth, Mula, Helios
A Chilly Autumn Night 2012-11-17 Kahleen, Kyuubey, Lucy, Garoth, Coeurl, Vinyl, Clayton, Helios, Tealion, Alivyre
Into the Wilderness 2012-11-18 Kahleen, Garoth, Zaidian
The Swindler 2012-11-19 Elessar, Cerin
Fountain Gatherings (1) 2012-11-24 Kimen, Mogwai, Julexa, Helios, Kent, Gizmo, Demonicor, Digitin
Fountain Gatherings (2) 2012-12-01 Mollianne, Helios, Vinyl, Mogwai, Demeter, Eevee, Kimen, Ira
A Chance Encounter 2012-12-02 Lowell, Knochen
Awhile Back 2012-12-13 Gforte, Amaya
Fountain Gatherings (3) 2012-12-8 Mollianne, Mogwai, Eevee, Lucy, Kent, Gizmo, Kimen, Lucy, Julexa, Fiszeradin, Kahleen, Clayton, Jeffery, Twilight
Legion of Flesh 2012-12-13 Knochen, Lucy, Fiszeradin, Tealion
A Week Long Date: Day 0 2012-12-15 Cerin, Synesthesi
A Week Long Date: Day 1 2012-12-16 Cerin, Synesthesi
A Visit to the Festival 2012-12-22 Eevee, Mogwai, Julexa, Twilight
The Season of Lights 2012-12-23 Mollianne, Kent, Kimen, Mogwai, Eevee, Reila, Ambience, Audrianu, Tealion, Cerin, Synesthesi, Vinyl, Julexa
Visiting a Friend 2012-12-29 Eevee, Mogwai
Fountain Gatherings (4) 2013-01-05 Kyuubey, Johnathan, Mogwai, Eevee, Tealion, Oboyo, Helios, Fiszeradin, Twilight, Gizmo, Kahleen, Kent
A Sudden Farewell 2013-01-19 Mogwai, Eevee, Nightwind, Julexa, Twilight
Lions, Mechons, and Squares 2013-02-09 OldSpice, Lenai, Lancaster, Nocte, Hastur, Mekis, Demonicor, Helios, Reila
Magic is Tragic 2013-02-13 Vinyl, Lancaster, Kent, Mekis, Mogwai, Mula
One Hell of a Fountain 2013-02-16 Oboyo, Gizmo, Helios, Hastur, Lancaster, Carmichael, Kent, Oldman, Vinyl, Jeffery, Garoth, Demonicor, Jax
Fountain Shenanigans 2013-02-23 Mogwai, Gizmo, Mula, Helios, Spitfire, Kent, Roche, Oldman, Fiszeradin, RetroLudus, Garoth, Lancaster, Kojio, Demonicor, Lenai, Manchester
Dio's Vanship 2013-03-01 Dio, Trixie, Hastur
Fountains and Stabbings 2013-03-02 Oboyo, Garoth, Demonicor, Helios, Kahleen, Carmichael, Lucy, Mula, RetroLudus
Lenai's Recruitment 2013-03-04 Lenai, Helios
Bare Revelations 2013-03-16 Caleb, Mogwai, Gizmo, Mula, Helios, RetroLudus, Lenai, Farus, Faith, Demonicor, Lancaster, Twilight, Hastur, Trixie
A Different Fountain 2013-03-21 Aly, Faith, Manchester, Synesthesi, Helios, Cerin, Nagol, OldMan
Pirate Night 2013-03-24 Hastur, Faith, Rca, Jeffery, RetroLudus, Garoth, Aerion
The Way the Fountain Flows 2013-03-30 Kent, Mula, Physicist, Faith, Kahleen, RetroLudus, Garoth, Helios
Fountain Gatherings (5) 2013-04-07 Kent, Hastur, Faith, Dio, Fiszeradin, Helios, Mula, Demonicor
Farmer M85 2013-04-21 Helios, Mula
Fist, Blade and Illusion 2013-04-27 Kent, Garoth, Helios, Demonicor, Balbadorf, Hastur
Fountain Gatherings (6) 2013-05-04 Balbadorf, Fiszeradin, Jeffery, Misnomer, Aerion
Beach Business Proposal 2013-05-06 Kaono, Hastur
Dreams of Stealing the Sky 2013-05-11 Balbadorf, Aerion, Hastur, Helios, Julexa, Mogwai, Eevee
An Eeveeryday Picnic 2013-05-13 Greychild, Eevee
ASF: Not Your Average Evaluation 2013-05-15 Elessar, Gleam, Trinka, Cerin, Manchester
Friends Forever 2013-05-15 Eevee, Mogwai, Finn
Fountain Gatherings (7) 2013-05-19 Eevee, Mogwai, Retroludus, Aerion, Barbadorf, Kent, Kahleen, Garoth
The Great Fortress in the Sky 2013-05-25 Eevee, Mogwai, Retroludus, Aerion, Barbadorf, Aly, Hastur, Nagol
No Place Like Home 2013-06-08 Julexa, Mogwai, Twilight, Gizmo, Hastur, Eevee
Cerin and Lina 2013-06-14 Cerin, Lina
Manchester Goes to a Bar 2013-06-15 Manchester, Cerin, Elessar
Magic AND Swordplay?! 2013-07-01 Kimen, Edmund
How Delightful! 2013-07-04 Trixie, Sandman, Mifune, Edmund, Hastur, Aly
Fountain Gatherings (8) 2013-07-06 Ambience, Sunflash, Mogwai, Edmund, Stein, Mifune, Demonicor
Faith in the Sword 2013-07-07 Mogwai, Eevee
Keys to Infinity 2013-08-05 Mogwai, Eevee, Gizmo
A Spirited Arrival 2013-10-14 Scythe, Stein
Dio's Vanship 2013-10-16 Dio, Manchester, Elessar

The Mana Spirits

Mogwai and co. seek the blessings of the Mana Spirits!

Log Date Characters
The Mana Spirits (1) 2012-07-13 Mogwai, Jameson, Twilight, Eevee
The Mana Spirits (2) 2012-07-28 Mogwai, Eevee, Helios, Jameson, Twilight
The Mana Spirits (3) 2012-08-04 Mogwai, Eevee, Jameson, Finn, Nagol, Twilight
The Mana Spirits (4) 2012-08-10 Mogwai, Eevee, Jameson, Finn, Nagol, Spitfire
The Mana Spirits (5) 2012-08-17 Mogwai, Eevee, Sweetie, Finn, Nagol, Spitfire
The Mana Spirits (6) 2012-08-25 Mogwai, Eevee, Sweetie, Finn, Minako, Ambience
The Mana Spirits (7) 2012-09-07 Mogwai, Eevee, Finn, Wrench, Brutte, Vinyl, Helios
The Mana Spirits (8) 2012-09-14 Mogwai, Eevee, Vinyl, Heather, Kupenreich, Finn, Riko, Helios, Sweetie

108 Stars of Destiny

Join the PDF as they hunt down ghosts and assorted other, possibly corporeal, things!
See the Stars of Destiny page for more details.

Log Date Characters
Guided By the Stars: The Chiaku Star 2012-12-23 Oboyo, Deim
Stars of Destiny: The New Security (Week 1) 2013-01-05 Oboyo, Deim
Guided by the Stars: The Chiyou Star 2013-01-06 Oboyo, Twilight
Guided by the Stars: The Tenmou Star, the Chisu Star, and the Chikyou Star 2013-01-07 Oboyo, Spitfire, Helios
Stars of Destiny: The PDF Debut (Week 1) 2013-01-18 Oboyo, Twilight, Garoth, Lynette, Julexa, Kent, Helios, Mekis, Kahleen
Stars of Destiny: The Victory Party (Week 2) 2013-01-25 Oboyo, Twilight, Mekis, Julexa, Helios
Stars of Destiny: Security is Magic (Week 2) 2013-01-28 Deim, Twilight
Stars of Destiny: Peeping Toms (Week 3) 2013-01-29 Deim, Oboyo
Stars of Destiny: The Chef and the Tomb (Week 3) 2013-02-01 Oboyo, Twilight, Helios, Lynette, Julexa, Mekis, Trixie, Hastur
Stars of Destiny: The Ghostly Door (Week 4) 2013-02-08 Helios, Lynette, Mekis, Oboyo, Hastur, Trixie, Optimus
Stars of Destiny: The Ghostly Trio (Week 5) 2013-02-15 Egon, Helios, Twilight, Hastur, Mekis, Julexa, Trixie
Stars of Destiny: The Caspia Vacation (Week 6) 2013-02-22 Oboyo, Helios, Julexa, Jax, Twilight, Trixie, Mekis, Roche, Jeffery, Gizmo
Stars of Destiny: A Security Update (Week 7) 2013-02-26 Deim, Trixie, Oboyo
Stars of Destiny: The Road Ahead (Week 7) 2013-03-01 Oboyo, Dos, Trixie, Helios, Jax, Mekis, Roche, Gizmo, Spitfire
Guided by the Stars: The Chiziku Star 2013-03-05 Tavish, Spitfire
Stars of Destiny: The Isolated General (Week 8) 2013-03-08 Oboyo, Jax, Lenai, Mekis, Trixie, Hastur, Roche, Julexa
Stars of Destiny: A Night of Training (Week 9) 2013-03-14 Trixie, Hastur
Stars of Destiny: A Princess and Her Knight (Week 9) 2013-03-14 Twilight, Hastur
Stars of Destiny: Twilight's Return (Week 9) 2013-03-14 Twilight, Hastur, Trixie, Helios
Stars of Destiny: Welcoming Back Party! (Week 9) 2013-03-14 Twilight, Lynette, Tavish, Helios, Hastur, Mekis, Shining, Lenai, Jax, Trixie
Stars of Destiny: An Unexpected Transformation (Week 9) 2013-03-15 Twilight, Helios
Stars of Destiny: Revelations (Week 9) 2013-03-16 Oboyo, Mekis, Lenai, Jax, Trixie, Gizmo, Hastur, Twilight, Carmichael, Roche
Stars of Destiny: Keeping Friends Close (Week 10) 2013-03-17 Oboyo, Twilight
Stars of Destiny: The Haunted Manor (Week 10) 2013-03-22 Oboyo, Gizmo, Lenai, Mekis, Helios, Carmichael, Roche, Trixie, Twilight, Lynette, Hastur
Stars of Destiny: The Haunted Manor (2) (Week 10) 2013-03-29 Oboyo, Trixie, Twilight, Gizmo, Hastur, Lenai, Mekis, Lynette, Helios
Stars of Destiny: Security Concerns (Week 11) 2013-04-07 Twilight, Deim
Stars of Destiny: A Stinging Request (Week 11) 2013-04-12 Oboyo, Helios, Trixie, Spitfire, Hastur, Gizmo, Carmichael, Antoinette, Mekis, Lenai
Stars of Destiny: Torn Apart to be Brought Together (Week 12) 2013-04-20 Hastur, Twilight, Trixie, Vinyl, Helios
Stars of Destiny: The Eldritch Legacy (Week 12) 2013-04-26 Hastur, Trixie, Twilight, Gizmo, Helios, Roche, Mekis
Guided by the Stars: The Chiko Star 2013-05-02 Kent
Stars of Destiny: The Nakajima Tragedy/Moogle Diplomacy (Week 13) 2013-05-03 Hastur, Helios, Twilight, Carmichael, Roche, Kent, Mekis, Trixie, Scruffles, Gizmo
Guided by the Stars: The Tenen Star 2013-05-08 Twilight, Tsukihime
Stars of Destiny: Honoring the Fallen (Week 14) 2013-05-10 Hastur, Roche, Twilight, Trixie, Kent, Lenai, Mekis, Helios
Stars of Destiny: Atonement (Week 14) 2013-05-12 Kent, Hastur, Twilight
Stars of Destiny: An Exorcist's Request (Week 14) 2013-05-14 Lym, Roche
Stars of Destiny: Getting Situated (Week 14) 2013-05-16 Gizmo
Stars of Destiny: Punishment & Betrayal (Week 15) 2013-05-17 Hastur, Lenai, Twilight, Trixie, Mekis
Stars of Destiny: Getting to Work (Week 15) 2013-05-20 Oboyo, Gizmo
Stars of Destiny: No Lack of Communication (Week 15) 2013-05-21 Helios, Twilight
Stars of Destiny: Star of Heaven (Week 16: Part 1) 2013-05-24 Elenor, Lynette, Twilight, Helios, Kent, Roche
Stars of Destiny: Happy Hour Fight Night (Week 16) 2013-05-27 Kent, Hastur
Stars of Destiny: The Fallen Tensyo Star (Week 16) 2013-05-29 Oboyo, Helios, Crossroads, Roche
Stars of Destiny: Star of Heaven (Week 16: Part 2) 2013-05-31 Oboyo, Demonicor, Twilight, Lynette, Helios, Roche, Mekis
Stars of Destiny: Homecoming Denied (Week 17) 2013-06-07 Oboyo, Hastur, Twilight, Julexa, Helios, Kent, Mekis, Roche, Demonicor
Stars of Destiny: Alcoholic Power (Week 17) 2013-06-09 Kent, Hastur
Stars of Destiny: The Way of the Fist (Week 18) 2013-06-21 Kent, Hastur, Vinyl, Oboyo, Julexa
Stars of Destiny: The Fallen Tenmou Star (Week 18) 2013-06-24 Spitfire, Hastur, Demonicor
Stars of Destiny: Destiny in the Clouds (Week 20) 2013-07-16 Kimen, Kent, Lucass
Stars of Destiny: Eyes of the Fog (Week 21) 2013-07-12 Oboyo, Roche, Solaire, Twilight
Stars of Destiny: Punishment and Atonement (Week 22) 2013-07-19 Kent, Mekis, Demonicor, Gizmo, Kimen, Lucass
Stars of Destiny: The Horizon of War (Week 22) 2013-08-02 Oboyo, Twilight, Roche, Kent, Kimen, Mekis, Demonicor, Lynette, Hastur, Helios
Stars of Destiny: Loose Ends (Week 23) 2013-08-09 Oboyo, Hastur, Gizmo, Kent, Kimen, Trixie, Kagura, Helios
Stars of Destiny: Clash of Arts (Week 24) 2013-08-18 Oboyo, Hastur
Stars of Destiny: Nakajima Nightmare (Week 24) 2013-08-19 Kent, Lucass
Stars of Destiny: Trouble at Home (Week 24) 2013-09-11 Lucass, Kimen, Jeffer, Deim
Stars of Destiny: The Terror Below (Week 24) 2013-09-13 Gizmo, Demonicor
Stars of Destiny: The Crusader Front Side (Week 24) 2013-09-20 Hastur, Twilight, Trixie
Stars of Destiny: The Air Drop (Week 24) 2013-09-27 Oboyo, Dos, Helios, Mekis, Lenai
Stars of Destiny: The Finale 2013-10-04 Oboyo, Deim, Kent, Kimen, Roche, Mekis, Lenai, Twilight, Hastur, Trixie, Helios, Gizmo
Stars of Destiny: After-Battle Respite (Week 25) 2013-10-11 Kimen, Kent
Stars of Destiny: Epilogue 2013-10-12 Oboyo, Deim, Kent, Kimen, Roche, Mekis, Lenai, Twilight, Hastur, Trixie, Helios, Gizmo

The Shadows of Time

Something, something, Darkrai.

Log Date Characters
Shadows of Time: The Cursed Hermit 2013-03-20 Caleb, Mogwai, Gizmo, Jameson
Shadows of Time: The Loyal Warrior 2013-03-23 Caleb, Gizmo, Jameson, Mogwai
Shadows of Time: Finding His Tracks 2013-03-30 Caleb, Jameson, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: The Halls of Darkness 2013-04-24 Caleb, Jameson, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: Fallen Angels 2013-04-25 Caleb, Jameson, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: The Triad Revelation 2013-05-01 Caleb, Jameson, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: Time's Scars 2013-05-02 Caleb, Mogwai, Gizmo
Shadows of Time: Dimension's Scream 2013-05-09 Caleb, Mogwai, Gizmo, Jameson
Shadows of Time: The Future is Ours 2013-05-10 Mogwai, Gizmo, Eevee


Pokémon of the Cleft, unite!

Log Date Characters
Poképals! 2012-09-03 Eevee, Julexa
Poképals! (2) 2012-09-05 Eevee, Julexa
Memories of My Brother 2013-03-30 Eevee, Julexa
Somebunny's New to the Cleft 2013-06-13 Eevee, Julexa, A Random Lopunny
Dreams of Unity 2013-06-15 Eevee, Julexa, Candice
A Family Reunited 2013-06-22 Eevee, Julexa, Candice
New Lives 2013-06-28 Eevee, Julexa, Candice

Heroes for Hire

Pay Money, Receive "Heroes"!

Log Date Characters
The First Heroes 2013-09-08 RedMage, Nancy, Elie, Raion, Gemma
Hostage Negotiators 2013-09-14 Nancy, Elie, Leia, Gemma
A Cabin in the Woods 2013-09-21 Damesik, Porslain, Raven, Gemma, Narukami

Posting RP Logs

DO NOT post your own RP logs on this page. Clean them up and send them to the current RP Admin's email address (cleftofd_rp at hotmail dot com). A staff member will format the logs and post them here.

A clean log should be free of OOC chatter, with your prompts removed, and should be corrected as best you can for SMOTE and SAY inaccuracies if you want the whole log to appear from the third person. A clean log has been edited; line-too-long cutoffs and other formatting issues should be already corrected.

Credit for Roleplaying on the Cleft

You can earn Tokens of Restringing and even Immortal Tokens by being active in the roleplaying community on the Cleft of Dimensions! Here's how it works:

All Roleplaying sessions will be given equal credit. It doesn't matter you're in a longstanding plot, doing a one-on-one session, or just free- forming. I reserve to right to give additional credit to outstanding RP sessions, however, on a case by case basis. Plot leaders/hosters will also be given additional initiative-taking bonuses, to be determined by me over the time that said plot remains in play.

All RP logs sent to me (via email) will qualify as a 3/2 method of token acquisition. This means that a player will receive 2 restring Tokens for every 3 logs that are sent my way.

World Notes are worth 1 Restring Token for every 2 notes that are written. These world notes are required to be decently-written, however; while I understand that not everyone is a novelist, slapping down a quick paragraph-and-a-half about incredibly-vague do-nothings will not earn you anything.

Immortal Token credits are acquired as follows: -15 Immortal Token 'Credits' required to earn 1 Immortal Token. -2 World Notes will earn 1 Immortal Token Credit. -1 RP Log will earn 1 Immortal Token Credit.

Lilly keeps a running database to keep up to date on who has earned what, so if you haven't received anything from an RP you've been in recently, be patient; the credit is there, and will be seen through once the logs and such are uploaded to the Wiki.