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Carsanquay hides in a pocket dimension during a verneshot: The Cleft is formed!

Cleft of Dimensions Timeline

Relics of the Immortals

The First Age: The Creation of the Cleft


  • The Cleft is created and violent temporal rifts ravage the void. Land masses fill in the space slowly, drawn together by their own inherent energies before finally reunited under the Machina Principia's influence. Most of the first living beings transported to the Cleft die out of lack of sufficient resources to live off in the inhospitable environment, though there are a handful of survivors. Without Mana, all magic and its qualities are lost from the world. The atmosphere fluctuates violently during this time, chaotic and destructive with its many storms and howling winds. Sources of oxygens rise and lower with the unstable atmosphere. A shadow descends from above and rain comes in after it.
  • Zanarkand, the First City. Assumed to have been the first city to fall into the Cleft, situated at the "top of the world". The city and its people are believed to have ultimately failed to survive the birth of the Cleft.


  • The heavy rains come to an end, leaving behind a mess on the lands. Massive mountains have been shaped and eroded into what they are today and the oceans have finally settled. The water cycle begins and continues from here on, providing freshwater systems and expansive seas. Yet, the chaotic weather continues to churn the seas and air still.


  • The Mana Holyland arrives in Shadmire and melds with the planet. The great tree sends its roots sprawling throughout the lands, uniting them all with its strength and bringing balance to the Cleft's natural energies. Beams of light pierce the skies, quelling the weather and taming it into normalcy as they shoot out from the Mana Holyland. Almost at once, the atmosphere settles and the oceans find peace. The sun emerges from its shadows and the moon comes as its companion. The Mana Tree, having merged with the Machina Principia and thereby connecting with the Cleft, bathes the world in mana, once more allowing magic to be used and for life to flourish. Lands, charred by fire and storms and eroded by rain turn fertile and growth begins. The land of Shadmire is doused with magic and from the fungal growth that has soldiered creation until now, the Matangui arise.



  • Iktoa is established.




  • With the development of agriculture and a stable environment, populations begin to grow and small towns develop. Matangui are the first to circumnavigate the world, plotting the known lands with maps and bringing plantlife back to Shadmire to flourish. An agreement is made amongst the many Matangui tribes and many set out to explore the other landmasses - acting as agents of both mana and nature.
  • The Macabre Tombstone appears in the Myrkur Mountains, beginning the cycle of rebirth. It shepherds the dead souls through the underworld and back to the Mana Tree, so they may be reborn.

2nd Age: Age of Discovery


  • The city of Pandora is established.


  • The city of Viorar is established.



  • Etansel Library is built in Viorar. It is the largest library in the world, documenting the history of the Cleft and more.



  • Lea Monde is destroyed.
  • Reploids finish constructing Final Weapon, a safe haven for their race


  • A rogue group of Reploids by the name of the Mavericks emerges, striking various human targets. Leader is Sigma


  • The city of Wutai is established.
  • Goa begins militarization.

3rd Age: Age of Destruction


  • The great drought of Iktoa begins, caused by appearance of Mana Stone of Earth
  • Jumi Leader Diana is assassinated and the Mirror of Diana shatters, with its remnants stolen. The current Clarius retains authority.
  • Sorceress Vulpecula lays siege to the Kingdom of Rolante.


  • Two unnamed prophets appear in Mandala, giving six orbs that see the future to the shaman there.
  • Sorceress Vulpecula establishes domination of the entire northlands beyond Loftarasa


  • Etansel Library mysteriously burns down.
  • The Coronar War.
    • Goa invades southern Fa'Diel.
    • Battle of Pandora
      • Goa invades Pandora. Pandora falls to Goa after a long winter.
    • 221 - Goa invades more cities and slowly gains ground.
      • By the Clarius' command, Orbonne's doors are shut, despite pleas from countrymen for sanctuary.
    • 223 - Battle of the Luon Coast
      • Goa attempts Viorar invasion.
      • Beast Kingdom enters Coronar War against Goa.
      • Viorar forces push Goa back after several weeks.
    • 224 - Goa takes over Palace of Water in Lake Lasacul.
    • Battle on High Water
      • Lelanol enters Coronar War against Goa.
      • Lelanol pushes Goan forces out of Lasacul.
    • 226 - The Clarius of Orbonne passes away and the non-Jumi take over, exiling Jumi loyal to the former leader and opening their doors to help.
    • 227 - The new Clarius of the Jumi dies very early as a result of Goa's attacks on them. The exiled Jumi go into hiding.
    • 228 - Battle of Lorien
      • Alliance of Beastmen and Lelanolians attack Goa-controlled Pandora.
    • Goan forces lose war and surrender all land back to Fa'Diel. Pandora falls to ruins


  • All inhabitants of Iktoa migrate out of the nation, due to the withering drought, except the Gerudo and Giganto
  • Construction of Temple of Prophecy completed






  • Sigma, Leader of Maverick, is destroyed near Rocket Town
  • The Reploid Jedo finds the remains of the Maverick virus and is infected, declares himself the new leader of Maverick


  • A Prophecy is declared over the Cleft, heralding the dawning of a new Age.

4th Age: Age of Survival


  • New wormhole appears above the city of Truce, linking Cleft with other timelines in other dimensions
  • Etansel Library finishes reconstruction


  • Goa begins reclaiming old territory, sending soldiers in search of treasure to reimburse the debt
  • Vandole begins mission in search of the Mana Sword, deploys finest warriors
  • Goa gains control of the Fire Palace in the Hydra Mountains
  • Goan ship mysteriously disappears in the Sea of Wonders while in search of the Moon Palace



  • Completion of Gold Tower - the stronghold for the Mana Stone of Light
  • The Lumnon Isle becomes completely saturated with gold drained from the Mana Stone, becoming the Gold Isle


  • Gold City is established (in its modern form).
  • Chobin army invades and destroys the Shrine of the Cosmic Guardians- few survive, including the leader Cyx
  • Maverick Hunters form, under the leadership of Signas


  • Last known activity of the Cosmic Guardians. Cyx disappears and the remaining members disband.
  • A rogue Maverick, Saneron, establishes the Chosen.
    • Chosen draft laws and attempt to force the Guardia region to obey them.
      • Chosen, and laws, are largely ignored.
  • The reploid Seikou arrives in the Cleft, carrying a dormant strain of the Maverick Virus.
    • Joins the Maverick Hunters, never bothering to tell them about the virus in his own systems.


The Forgotten Year


  • The Mavericks, including Jedo, and Saneron, are discovered missing after the Forgotten Year.
    • Maverick Hunters are quick to claim their disappearance as a victory and proclaim the Maverick Virus contained.
      • The only Mavericks on record to still exist in the Cleft after the Forgotten Year was Vice and Zaber, both of whom were overlooked in the Hunters rush to claim their victory.
      • Believing the threat of the Maverick Virus had been abolished, most of the Hunters break away and return to their private lives. Only the reploids Seikou, Variance, and Signas remain.
    • With Saneron gone, along with Pears, their other reploid member, the Chosen disband.

Shadows of the Lost

The Dark Machinations of Jango


War: Guardia vs Koopa Kingdom

  • The Island of Shrike begins to sink.
  • Booskaboo, the great turtle, is discovered and freed from beneath it.


War Amongst the Gods


  • Imbibobot arrives in Truce, offering the wisdom of alcoholism to adventurers. A group of eccentric followers help him to discover his forgotten identity and role: To maintain the seams holding the cleft together.
  • Imbibobot is left behind deep beneath the ground to work this thankless task while his followers attempted to locate more Inventors to help. Dr. Wily is approached by them but refuses any aid, instead revealing a remote control and threatening to detonate a bomb that he left inside Imbibobot while repairing him. After growing weary with anger, Dr. Wily discards the remote control and kicks the group out of his lab, which is kept safe in Kolem's hands.


  • Kyuubey shows up in Truce, granting people's wishes in exchange for their souls. Those people were turned into Wishborn.
  • Witches and Yoma show up around Truce, which adventurers have trouble defeating without the help of the Wishborn.
  • Parasitic yoma invade Wutai, killing off a portion of its population before being dealt with by the Wishborn.
  • Oboyo Jinsaka receives a warning of a ghostly invasion from the Seer Leknaat, thus forming the Stars of Destiny.
  • Chronicles of Mana - The Sinistrals wake up due to Gforte activating 8 black crystal shards in the Lorien Highlands. They proceed to reactivate the Mana Fortress and destroy Crysta.
  • Monstro Town was almost destroyed by the Sinistrals, but they were thwarted by GForte and Ambience. Citizens are evacuated by members of the Wishborn.
  • Gforte and Jillian go to the Mana Holyland and retrieve the Sword of Mana. Ambience and Sunflash join Gforte on a mana dragon to raid the Mana Fortress.
  • After defeating the Sinistrals, the mana dragon goes berserk. Ambience faces it without Gforte and Sunflash's aid. Everyone escapes the Fortress's destruction except Ambience, who is presumed to have died in the battle.
  • The Stars of Destiny successfully vanquish the Fog Ship before its invasion can begin.
  • Magnus and his Order of Light fall into the cleft, observing the world from their island and gathering resources.


  • Creatures of the wilderness, with the exception of the undead, begin randomly becoming displaced with other creatures, often winding up in oddball locations where they don't belong. Sunflash keeps an eye on these events during this time.
  • Communication is largely cut off from the upper realms and the underworld. The underworld, in particular, seems to experiencing problems but it isn't readily apparent what they are, or how severe.


  • Ambience somehow returns to the Middle Realm, but remains secluded from the world at large among the Worzen family while trying to figure out why he came back and what's happened to him as a result.


  • Ambience finds himself at the Festival of Lights and is reunited with Mollianne and Sunflash. He informs them as to where he's been for the last year, citing concern that the Sword of Mana was not returned to the Holyland as it should have been, but that he has no way to return it there himself. Ambience discovers that, though he carries the Sword, he cannot wield it, leading him to believe that his connection with the Mana Tribe has somehow been severed.
  • Shadows, in the forms of those who used to exist and those who still do, begin to show up around the Cleft, first near Faron Woods and then in Truce. Sunflash and Gforte deal with them, respectively, and successful drive them off, retrieving strange jewels from each one in the battles' aftermath.